Cynthia A. Barrington, Certified Natural Health Professional

My natural health journey began from a need to change my health. I knew instinctively I needed to eat better than I had been. Too many years of bad habits and a deep, abiding love of food made change difficult.


One day I had a random thought, or so it seemed. 


“Maybe, if I learn how food benefits me, I will want to eat the things that are good for me.”


Turns out, that wasn’t a random thought at all. It was a whisper in my ear from the Holy Spirit showing me which path to take. Indeed, it was the path I needed. 


One of the first books I bought was Superfoods by Tonia Reinhard. It has tons of bright, colorful pictures and great information and studies that convinced me these foods were delicious and good for me. It really did work. The more I learned, the more I made an effort to incorporate better foods into my life.


As time has gone by, in spite of my failures and restarts, I have fallen in love with the natural health world. I began using a lot of coconut oil and flax seeds and making fermented foods and buying organic this and non-GMO that. In 2019, after an accident with a semi left me with a small settlement, I decided to go to school to learn more so I could help others.


This is truly my passion. I have found my bliss. No, I haven’t reached all my goals. I’m still walking my path. Join me on the journey. I will help you anyway I can. We can walk together toward wholeness and healing.


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