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Flower Essences


Smelling flowers and enjoying their beauty bring joy. They also have a unique ability to bring balance, lift one's spirits, and equip the person to handle what life brings their way when the essence of the flower is taken internally.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the emotional benefits of 38 different flowers. These flowers address emotional issues such as fear, grief, living in the past, guilt, mental exhaustion, self pity, lack of confidence, fear of unknown things, and many more. 

The flower essence consultation consists of talking about the emotions that are keeping the person from moving on with life. It is not a counseling session although counseling is available.

With each session, a blend bottle of up to seven flowers is mixed to address the current emotional state. There is no charge for the blend bottle. Because emotions often reside in layers, an appointment will be scheduled in about two weeks to see how the flowers helped, if new emotions have been uncovered, and if more flowers are needed.


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