Emotions can be complicated and difficult to express. With any client, emotions are the first aspect of total body health addressed. If the emotions are out of whack, it will be very difficult for that client to make necessary changes.

When I recognize a need for emotional support, my first thought goes to flower essences. Just as smelling a flower and seeing its beautiful blooms brings joy, taking in the essence of flowers in a tincture can also meet emotional needs.

Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist, discovered the benefits of flower essences in the 1920s and 1930s. He created what we now call the Bach Flower Remedies.

There are 38 remedies in Dr. Bach's flower remedy system, each one associated with a basic human emotion. The remedies most often come in liquid form (tincture) but may also be found in lotions and lozenges.

My first experience with Bach Flower remedies was with his Rescue Remedy. It is a combination of 5 flowers and is used when someone is crying uncontrollably and cannot get a hold of themselves. I used it in an anxiety attack. Almost immediately, I began to feel the anxiety come down and I was finally able to relax.

Flower essences are beneficial for everyone. They are safe for babies, young children, and the elderly. There are NO side effects and NO interactions with medications. They are even safe for pets. Is your dog scared of thunder? Do they shake and whine during fireworks? Bach's Rescue Remedy can help them calm down. Aspen is also good for fear and shaking.

Bach Flower Remedies can bring balance for people who:

  • don't trust their own decisions

  • live in the past

  • have had shocking, devastating news

  • are depressed

  • don't like themselves

  • hide mental torture behind a smiling face

  • are intolerant of others

  • experience fear of unknown things

  • experience fear of known things

  • just can't say no

  • fail to learn from their mistakes

...and many more!

To learn more about Flower Essences, contact me. I'd love to show you how to find balance in the crazy world of emotions.

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