Do you keep promises to others? Do you keep promises to your spouse? To your children? Your boss? Your friends?

What about to you?

I watched a TV show today called Fit to Fat to Fit. It's about a trainer who gained weight and then lost it while helping his client lose weight. The reason for doing this was so he could understand what his client was experiencing. He got to see how it felt to gain weight, how addictive fast food could be, how hard it was to exercise while overweight, and the emotions involved in just being fat.

During the first session with his client, Ray, the trainer asked him, "How many times have you said next Monday?" "I'm gonna start next month and I'm gonna get healthy." "For how many years have you said that?" Then the trainer said, "Ray needs to learn how to keep promises to himself. He really needs to have that internal integrity."

My eyes welled up with tears when I heard that.

Cindy needs to learn how to keep promises to herself.

How many times have I given in and bought pizza and ice cream during the week instead of saving it for the weekend?

How many times have I skipped the gym because I just didn't feel like going?

How many times have I given in to sin knowing it chips away at who I am AND, most importantly, how it affects my walk with God?

Cindy needs to have that internal integrity.

It has been very easy through the years to put myself on hold while doing for others. I think there have been plenty of times I did for others so I wouldn't have to address my own problems. Now, THAT'S a revelation I've needed in MY life.

Let's stop being unfaithful to ourselves. We deserve all the love and attention we give to others. We deserve to hold ourselves accountable so we can stand tall and walk with confidence knowing we've done the best for ourselves.