Orange-Infused Vinegar

I clean with vinegar all the time. The smell of vinegar doesn't bother me but my daughter does not love it. After doing a little online research, I thought I'd give Orange-Infused Vinegar a try.

Because it was the rind from only one orange, I decided to use a pint-size jar.

I poured white, distilled vinegar over the orange peel and filled up the jar.

I placed it in my laundry room cabinet and will let it sit for 2 weeks. Once it's fermented, I'll strain the liquid through a cloth and throw away the peel. I'll mix the orange-infused vinegar 50-50 with water in a spray bottle.

It's that easy!

The mixture is ready to be used to clean counters, toilets, or whatever you choose to clean. Try different citrus fruit peels as well. For more natural cleaning ideas, click here.

On a side note: In my research, I discovered oranges have particular antimicrobial properties that work best against the germs that cause cavities. Who knew?!


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