Our health is in a tug of war every day. You eat something healthy, you've pulled the rope in the right direction. You eat junk food, you lose ground.

You can eat and eat until your belly is full but if your food is void of nutrients, you will be malnourished.

Don't be discouraged if you have a day where you don't make as many right choices. The more often you make a good food choice, the sooner it will become your new normal. It's a journey. Just keep walking.

  • Remember the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time. That leaves plenty of room for unexpected eating situations and occasional junk food.

  • #JERF Just Eat Real Food If it grew from the ground, flew through the air, swam in the ocean or river, or fell from a tree, it's real food.

  • Eat organic as much as you can. Organic labeling ensures the food was grown in good soil, free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, the seeds are pure, non-GMO seeds, etc. Meat that is labeled as organic means the animals were raised on organic feed and were cared for in a way that is healthy for us to eat.

  • Eat non-GMO. Because the DNA of Genetically Modified Organisms has been altered, our bodies are not equipped to digest it. We do not have the digestive enzymes we need to break down the foreign material.

  • Avoid refined/processed foods. These contain chemicals, toxins, dyes, preservatives, etc. that work against your body. Read more here. One of the best acronyms I've seen is:

Carbonated drinks/Caffeine

Refined sugar

Artificial sweeteners/colors/alcohol

Processed foods

  • EAT THE RAINBOW Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your day, including green, leafy vegetables. Smoothies are a great way to get fresh fruits, leafy greens, and even healthy fat like avocado in without having to prepare and eat them individually. One healthy smoothie adds a powerful tug on the rope. Here are some smoothie ideas.

  • Eat plenty of protein throughout the day, not at just one big meal. Grass-fed meat, free-range poultry, and wild-caught fish are best. If you fry your meat, use a healthy oil like lard, tallow, or grapeseed oil.

  • Cold-water fish, like salmon, nuts, avocados, coconut, olives, and their oils, all contain the healthy fats that are a vital part of all cells and are required for hormone production and brain health. There are some vitamins that are fat-soluble. This means they NEED fat in order to be used by the body. Fat is extremely important to our bodies.

Eat a big breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a small dinner. Eating your largest meal in the morning gives you more time to use the calories.

Eat well. Your body will thank you!

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