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Chinese Medicine

FREE 15-minute
Telephone Consultation

Find out what it means to heal naturally and live wholly.

When you're not sure if you want to make an investment in natural health, it helps to be able to get more information. This 15-minute consultation is FREE and is designed to help with general questions and to give you information about the services I provide.

Call or text today!  (229) 454-0463


Consultations are customized

for each person's need.

This can be done in person, online by video chat or a messaging app like Facebook Messenger, or by telephone or text.

The initial visit is an in-depth visit to discuss your concerns. When done in person, This may include muscle response testing, urine/saliva testing, flower essence consultation for emotions, emotional release technique, foundational recommendations, etc. Or, it may be a time to just sit and talk and receive support from someone who cares.

Call or text today!  (229) 454-0463

Herb Infused Oils

Flower Essence Consultation

This consultation is great for addressing emotions.

Flower essences address emotional issues. Emotions like grief, fear, despair, loneliness, anxiousness, trauma, indecisiveness, etc can be helped with flower essences.

If you're concerned about sharing

private information with someone you don't know, don't worry! I don't have to know details, just the specific emotions you are feeling.

A consultation includeS AN evaluation and flower essence recommendation. The flower essences blend bottle is FREE with the consultation. This visit can be done online, by phone, or in person.

Call or text today!  (229) 454-0463

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